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It's Droid-X Vs. iPhone 4 On More Than One Front

Of course, Verizon has always pitted its Droid range of handsets against Apple’s iPhone 4. Remember the Verizon ad calling the iPhone a “digitally clueless tiara wearing princess“? While the iPhone survived the brand attacks all along, Verizon may have just launched a Droid that directly competes against the iPhone and I am not speaking all positives here.

We all know how the iPhone 4 has been afflicted by all these issues with respect to signal reception, super-sensitive proximity sensor,etc. Now, as we have seen in the past few days, the Droid-X appears to be no different. First there were reports about the apparent privacy flaw on the Droid-X contacts system. Then several users reported issues with rapid flickering and banding on the display. Later, we heard about the Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently. The reported issues are just about being referred to as Motorola’s own “Antennagate“.

Thankfully though, it is not just on the bugs-front that Droid-X is competing against the iPhone. According to a statement by Jennifer Byrne, a business development executive at Verizon, Droid-X users seem to be consuming nearly five times more data than the normal Verizon subscribers. This is reminiscent of AT&T’s own problems with iPhone users who the carrier not so politely called “data hogs”.

It will be interesting to see which of these two devices resolve the issues and get one up in this battle.

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