Motorola Droid X SE With Silver Bezel Coming?

A Verizon source has apparently spilled the beans on an upcoming variant of the popular Motorola Droid X phone that comes with a special silver bezel. The phone, called Motorola Droid X SE could either be a Silver Edition (meaning it will be available in large volumes) or a Special Edition (meaning it is going to be in limited volumes) phone. The phone is reported to come with an exciting 1.2 GHz processor – very much like the Motorola Droid 2 Global edition that is expected to be launched in the next few weeks.

Motorola Droid X SE

As it goes without saying, this is a rumor that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But do note that a majority of such leaks are deliberately planted in order to create excitement for the product and so do not rule this one down either. A shaky photograph like the one above; in an era of smartphones with powerful cameras, is itself a big giveaway. Don’t you think so?