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Motorola Droid X – Deleted Text Message Visible On Contacts History

The Motorola Droid X may just be a few days old, but users have already started to panick about a recently revealed contacts issue on the device that can turn out to be a huge privacy flaw.

Motorola Droid X users have observed that any text messages or call log information can be accessed from their contacts page even if the information has already been deleted. Check out the video to see how it works

Motorola has not issued a statement in this regard so far. But expect them to sort this out in the next update. However, if you are looking for an immediate fix to this issue, all you need to do is set up a factory-reset. Users have reported that a factory reset is all that it takes to fix this bug.

Nevertheless, this is one issue Motorola may have done without.

One reply on “Motorola Droid X – Deleted Text Message Visible On Contacts History”

The main problem is with telephone numbers you have in your CONTACTS LIST. The privacy issue can be solved simply: whoever you text that you want to keep private, leave OUT of your contacts list. Go straight to TEXT MESSAGE with the telephone number and that way you can delete all threads. All those in your CONTACTS LIST that you text, make sure you don’t mind having a HISTORY with.
Do they need to still fix this, YES. But the problem can be side stepped.

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