Your Droid-X Display Flickers? Motorola Acknowledges There’s Problem

Yesterday, there were reports that several new Motorola Droid-X users were taken by surprise at the rapid flickering of the Droid-X display screen. Other users also reported having observed vertical banding issues on the display. According to a user, “Ian” who posted in the comments, the company has been charging users $299 just to process the replacement.

Apparently, no longer. Motorola and Verizon have issued a statement acknowledging that a very small percentage of users have observed this issue. The companies put the number at one-tenth of one percent. Motorola has apparently fixed the issue already and new handsets should not see this issue. However, if you are one of those having flickering or banding issues on your Droid-X, you may contact your local Verizon or Motorola store for a fix. Hopefully, no fee shall be charged.