Verizon Launching Two Motorola Devices In July

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Motorola is working with Verizon to launch two new Android handsets in July. One of them is going to be the Motorola Droid and we are not sure what the other phone is going to be called.

As the report notes, the “Droid” brand is owned, rather licensed to Verizon, and not Motorola. Consequently, it is entirely Verizon’s prerogative to decide which of the two devices will get to be the next Droid. Technically, it is also possible for a third handset from the likes of HTC to get hold of that slot, though it appears unlikely at the moment, particularly considering the success of the earlier Motorola Droid.

Verizon is noted to be banking on a $100 million marketing campaign in July to sell its new launches. Expect a lot of attacks on the AT&T and its “tiara wearing princess” in this period.

[via WSJ]