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Motorola Droid 2 To Be Replaced With Droid 2 World Edition?

Rumors are doing the rounds that Verizon is mulling over a proposal to discontinue its sale of the new Motorola Droid 2 that was released just last month and instead replace it with the upcoming Droid 2 World Edition in its stores. Logistically, it is a sane move considering the cost involved in managing additional models. But it is also likely that Verizon continues to sell the older Droid 2 lest it will rub the early adopters the wrong way.

Details about the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 World edition have not been comprehensive though we do know that this is a world-ready phone with both CDMA and GSM capabilities. In addition to the blue/black units, the handset is also likely to be sold in white. Rumors also point out that Droid 2 World Edition is the same as Droid Pro which is another handset that has made some noise in the past.

Despite all this, do note that this is all in the rumor mills and may turn out to be a false alarm.

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