Motorola Droid Pro Corporate Sync Push Not Working For Many Users

A number of Motorola customers who have purchased a Droid PRO, Droid X or Droid 2 have been complaining that the corporate sync email data push functionality on their device has not been working as advertised. According to complaints noted on the Motorola support forums, their phones do not seem to be pushing new emails even when they are explicitly set to carry out the function. Considering that these handsets are primarily seen as Blackberry alternatives for the corporate customer, the lack of proper email push functionality could be a huge deal breaker.

Here are some complaints that could explain the issues better

“I’ve confirmed my settings and I have “Data push” checked, I do NOT have “Sync over WiFi only” checked. I’m runnning the “performance” battery setting and my company uses Exchange 2003 (v6.5), Build 7638.2: Service Pack 2. My phone, Droid Pro, is running Andriod 2.2; version 2.26.2.XT610.Verizon.en.US. Mail is not “pushed”, I have to open the mail app and then, and only then, will it begin to sync. Once I leave the email app, I no longer get pushed email.”

“Well, I swapped the Pro for the Droid X yesterday (due to tiny keyboard and screen size) and exchange works with the same effectiveness…NONE. In fact, I disabled “push” and set fetch to 15 minutes. I did this 30 minutes ago, I’ve received 12 emails on Outlook and my phone still has not synced. So Push doesn’t work and Fetch doesn’t work…this is consistent with the Pro last week and now the X…both running Blur over 2.2. So basically, I’m having to manually sync my corporate email…”

Motorola has said that they have been working to replicate this issue at their end and thereby resolve the same. But considering that the issue is so widespread, it is surprising that none of the handsets tested by Motorola engineers at HQ seem to be able to helping in troubleshooting the problem.

We will let you know when a fix comes available.

8 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Pro Corporate Sync Push Not Working For Many Users”

  1. Hmmm. I have a Droid Incredible. I have Gmail so I have two things: the Gmail app itself and my email account ‘k…’ set up to sync on my phone. The email account seems to sync immediately, though I’ve found my Gmail app is always behind until I manually click on it and press “refresh”. I think this is because I use “Advanced Task Killer” to always close my apps from running in the background.

    The other solution would be to just get Syncables…I think it’s version 7. It will sync email accounts between computers (i.e. Outlook client emails from a PC to a Mac, Thunderbird client emails from a Mac to a PC, etc.) and also onto Droid phones. It would solve their pain I bet, plus it has a bunch of other neat features like streaming music over WiFi onto your phone, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  2. My sync worked just fine for about two weeks. No changes to the set up at all, but then starting yesterday mail will not sync at all unless I manually click to check mail. Very frustrating.

  3. Corporate sync email push still very bad..Syncs when it wants to..When you send an email, sometimes takes up to 30 mins to send..Sits in the outbox forever..Please help

  4. I have experienced the same issue intermittently. So far, power cycling my Droid X has resolved the issue. I have not yet figured out what is causing the sync to fail.

  5. I have had the same issue on my Droid Pro and have found that by going in and re-checking the “data push” field (even though it is already checked) has got the phone to start syncing with microsoft exchange again.

  6. After trying to call Motorola and Verizon to get this issue resolved, I walked into Verizon to talk to the guy I bought the pro from. He said simply “delete the account and reinstall because there was a glitch in the software update in early december.” This update didn’t hit my pro until about 3 weeks ago but I did as he said and nine’s working fine now. Hope this helps.

  7. This interruption of Push seems to occur mostly when I restart the Droid X for whatever reason. The only sorta-solution I’ve been able to muster is to restart the phone again, then immediately launch the Email app that is sync’ed to the Exchange server. If I don’t launch that right away, then the push just never seems to get going, though I can’t say 100%. It’s been too hit-or-miss to nail down for sure.

    The last 2 or 3 times I’ve restarted the phone and had the Push interruption, restarting again and hitting Email first thing appears to have kicked the Push into gear again. Your light-yearage may vary…

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