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Motorola 2GHz Smartphone To Incorporate "Everything Possible"

Motorola was a company on the decline not so long ago. CEO Sanjay Jha did not have it easy when the company finally managed to turn the tides a bit with the launch of the Motorola Droid last year. Ever since, we have been hearing a lot of positive announcements from the company. But is the company attempting to bite more than it can chew?

In a recent interview, Jha said that the company intends to “incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today”. As part of the plans, rumors are that a new Motorola handset to be out later this year will come with a massive 2GHz processor. For a perspective, the much hyped iPhone 4 carries a 1GHz processor and that’s on the optimistic side. No one really knows how much the processor has been clocked down to.

Apart from iPhone 4, the other big phone, HTC EVO 4G is also equipped with a 1GHz processor and the upcoming HTC Scorpion has a 1.5GHz processor. Jha’s “everything technologically possible” might also bring a lot of other super-features – OLED screens, a 12+ megapixel camera,etc. to the rumored smartphone. Two concerns are however unaddressed – Will the battery hold long enough to power this super device and will it be affordable to you and me?

[via KnowYourCell]

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