Users Notice MobileMe Login Problems Due To New Password Policy

It was only recently that we had written about a bug on the iOS 4.2 platform that resulted in a number of mobileme users noticing a “password error” message while trying to access mobileme. You can check out the possible resolution methods for the bug by clicking here.

Now we are hearing about yet another login related trouble with mobileme. Apparently, this time the problem is not with iOS 4.2, but a new password policy from Apple that targets users with short and easy passwords. According to the new policy, mobileme accounts should now have passwords that are at least 8 characters long and need to contain at least one number and letter.

Users who have short passwords not fulfilling the criteria are thus seeing a message from Apple prompting them to change passwords. However, a section of users are also complaining that the change is invisible and simply displays login failure messages to users whose passwords do not meet the criteria.

If you are one  of those users seeing such errors, simply reset your password to fulfil the new criteria and that should do.