Which Is The Fastest Web Browser For Android OS?

Now isn’t it great that unlike the iOS, where the approval of every mobile web brower application is anticipated with bated breath, users of an open system like Android can easily have a number of mobile browsers depending on their personal preferences? So which among the popular Android browsers is the best? One of the metrics that is of primary importance is the loading time. PC World has conducted a study of this metric across a number of Android browsers and here are the results.

Android browser speed test

As you can see, SkyFire is easily the best in terms of loading speed. The average live site takes just 8 seconds to load the page in comparison to Fennec Alpha that takes close to triple the time at 23.8 seconds. Other browsers that have impressed in the study are Opera Mini and Android 2.2 Stock browser that take 11.4 seconds and 11.3 seconds to respectively load websites.

Which is your favorite browser?

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