Mio Navman GPS To License TomTom IQ Routes For New GPS

TomTom is learnt to have licensed its IQ Routes technology to rival Mio for their newly launched series of Navman GPS devices. These new launches named ‘470’, ‘475’ and ‘575’ will integrate TomTom’s IQ Routes with the in-house ‘LearnMe’ feature.

IQ Routes makes use of historic car speed measurements on roads to calculate the optimal journey while LearnMe studies the routes that you like to take and over time will be able to customize your route options based on your personal preferences.

470 and 475 are expected to be a 4.3″ touchscreen device while 575 shall be a 4.7″ touchscreen. Navman 470, 475 and 575 are expected to be priced between £99 and £149.99 and shall launch in May.

[via TrustedReviews]