Mio M300 Launch In Europe – Price & Features Reviewed

Thanks to the terrific rise in popularity of smartphones, the past year has surely been a tough time for developers of GPS navigational equipments. Platforms like Android have been offering GPS services for free and that has surely got GPS manufacturers like TomTom up the ante and rethink their business strategy. Sure, we now have quite a few mobile apps from these companies that are being offered as substitutes for the traditional GPS equipments. But this is not to say that the regular GPS tools do not sell anymore.

Mio has only recently launched their new Moov M300 entry level portable navigation device in the European market. The device has been available in other places from as early as August. But it’s launch at a time when there is doubt about the future of PNDs make it a device to take note of.

The Mio Moov M300 is pretty small. It measures just 79 x 93 x 19 mm in dimensions and weighs less than 135 grams. It comes with a 3.5″ screen with a 320×240 pixel resolution display, a Samsung 2450/400 MHz processor and is powered by a SiRFstarIII with InstantFixII GPS receiver. Other features that the M300 is equipped with include a lane guidance system, voice-based guided navigation instructions, multiple route options and a choice of 2D or 3D maps.

The Moov M300 has been pretty fairly accepted by the early adopters and has seen some pretty positive reviews. The device is available in most European markets at a price of €75. Of course, if you are looking to add more maps and other packages, the cost will be higher.

Have you tried a M300 yourself? What are your views on this device?

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