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MindInsole Reviews

We normally review only those products that fall within the consumer tech space. However, we decided to make an exception for Mindinsole since there has been great interest for this product in a few of the message boards that I am a part of.

The data for this review has been captured through half a dozen interviews that I conducted with people I have known on these message boards – these are people whose integrity I can vouch for. It was insightful to listen to their stories about dealing with pain and their experience with various treatment methods and techniques. 

What is Mindinsole

Mindinsole is what you call an acupressure magnetic massage insoles. Basically, this is an insole that you slip inside your shoe so that your feet presses against this strip when you are walking. The insoles have intricate pressure points that are believed to activate the nerve endings that come from various parts of the body. The idea is that by activating these nerve endings, you increase blood flow (oxygen flow, that is) to these body parts. Increasing oxygen supply relieves these body parts of any malaises that you may be suffering from. 

In addition to the acupressure points, Mindinsole also has magnetic touchpoints that are placed strategically across the strip to improve oxygen supply to the more vital nerve endings on your feet. 


According to the manufacturers, this is a combination of Chinese acupressure and Chi energy techniques that can heal common ailments like foot pain, back pain, and the like.

How We Measured Effectiveness

As a tech blog, GoRumors cannot comment on techniques like acupressure and reflexology. So in order to review Mindinsole, we decided to take a scientific approach. These are the questions we wanted to answer – does the user suffer from specific ailments before using the product? How long did they wear Mindinsole, and finally, what is the long-term impact on using Mindinsole? 

Our MindinSole Review

For our study, we worked with six customers all hand-picked from a health forum where I have known these people for a long time. These are people who have been chronically suffering from back pain, soreness, muscle stiffness or foot pain.

One trend emerged when I asked the person about their background – they all had jobs that needed a lot of physical exertion. One person I talked to is a field salesman – he spends the day traveling across the city and has developed back pain due to this. Another person is a mother of twins and has developed back ache due to carrying her kids and running around all day. There was one person who was 65 years old and had soreness and back pain simply due to his age.

Another pattern I noticed was that each of these users had been facing some sort of pain or soreness for at least six months or more. So it is not a recent issue. 

For the sake of the experiment, we used 8 pairs of magnetic insoles – four were Mindinsole while the other four were from copycats brands that we picked off Amazon. The objective here was to give us these six people one of these samples at random to see what worked and what did not. I retained one sample of both to test them myself. 

Here is what we observed. Even though Mindinsole and the copycat brands looked just the same to the naked eye, there was a noticeable difference in their effectiveness.

First off, Mindinsole created pressure points that were firm, but was still extremely comfortable to wear. The other sample was too pointy and was too uncomfortable for me – I couldn’t get past the second hour of wearing them. 

Secondly, I noticed that the magnets in the copycat sample were sort of wobbly. While it didn’t give away during the time I used it, it was sort of obvious to me that the magnets would have come off if I had to use this for a week or more.

So how did the work for people with pain management issues? For this experiment, we let each of our six test users use the insole we sent them for a period of six weeks. We interviewed them at the end of each week to understand how they felt about the product, if they faced any issues with the product, and any other insights that they could add. 

Mindinsole Works!!

So here’s the spoiler – Mindinsole works. Absolutely. 100%. All three people we sent the product to saw an immediate improvement in the pain that they were facing. The mother of twins who faced chronic back and foot pain issues called me proactively to tell how her life felt so much better now. 

The 65 year old customer who had been facing back issues too confirmed that his pain had significantly reduced after he started to use Mindinsole. 

Copycats had varying success rates

In his first call with us. the field salesman who had complained of back pain, told me that his pain had come down considerably since he started to use the insole we sent him. However, the other two customers we tested noticed so significant improvement to their pain after starting to use the insoles. 

Pain comes back if you don’t use it regularly

One thing is certain. This is not a product that you can use and discard once you are pain-free. The people we worked with had physically demanding jobs and so stopping use of the insoles only meant that the demands of their job caught up with them soon. 

So you have to keep using the insoles regularly to be constantly pain-free. 

But here’s the thing. The copycat brands that we used for the test simply did not last long. The field salesman we worked with for this review had the magnets in his insole come off within one month.

Mindinsole, on the other hand, had a top quality product. All the three insoles we used for the study continued to be in perfect condition at the end of our six week study.

When it comes to longevity and effectiveness of the product, I cannot recommend Mindinsole enough.

How easy is it to use

Mindinsole measures 310 mm * 125 mm * 15 mm. As such, this is ideal for both men and women with average feet sizes. If you have large feet (Men > US 14 and Women > US 12), this may probably not be as effective.

I found that Mindinsole was pretty comfortable to use regardless of what kind of shoes you wore. The Mindinsole that comes out of the box may be larger than what you need. However, you also get clear guidelines on how to cut the insole to fit the shoe of your size. Putting the insole into your shoe is easy, but can take a bit of time since you need to be careful about how you fit it in. 

Check out the manual that you get with the product for instructions – they are easy to read and follow; no complaints there. 

Mindinsole Price Review

Mindinsole is currently available at a 50% discount when you use this link. That is, one pair of Mindinsole will cost you $37.9 instead of the usual $63.32. 

I would however, HIGHLY recommend buying two pairs of MindInsoles. This is available at a price of $75.98 instead of the usual $126.63. This is because putting the insole inside your shoe and taking it out everytime is a pain. With two pairs, you can insert your Mindinsole into your two commonly used pair of footwear so you don’t have to take it in and out. 

Hold On – You Can Get An Extra Pair Of Mindinsole With This Easy Tip

When you click this link to the shopping page, try this – move your mouse towards the close button of your internet window. When you do this, you will see a ‘Free Offer’ pop up. Clicking on the “Click Here To Activate Your Free Gift” button will make you eligible for an additional pair of Mindinsole. 

Mindinsole Free Gift

This is very useful if you use more than 2 pairs of shoes and want to use a third pair of insoles as well.