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Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Price Officially Announced

There were rumors last week that had suggested that Microsoft could soon be launching a 4GB version of their popular gaming console. The company has now confirmed these rumors and has revealed that this shall be a replacement to the Microsoft XBox 360 Arcade.

As announced, the new XBox 360 4G version will launch on August 3 in the US market at a price of $199. The device is also expected to be offered as a bundle along with the Kinect sensor during the holiday season for a price of $299.99. The Kinect sensor will independently retail at $149.99 when it launches during the shopping season later this year.

The new XBox 360 4GB model has taken a drastic departure from the earlier model where users enjoyed a massive 250GB of storage space. This device will only include a 4GB flash storage and shall allow users to make use of the touchscreen controls and DVD drive to play games. The device also comes incorporated with a Wi-Fi b/g/n support.

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WTF Is microsoft on drugs. A 4gb console straight after they released 250gb. Plus the arcade had 60gb and people were complaining that it didnt have enough space. SO Instead they bring out 4flippin GB.

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