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Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Expandable Up to 250GB?

As you know, the new Microsoft XBox 360 4GB version shall be available in stores in the US starting August 3 at a price of $199.99. A few of our readers had complained that this could be a bad decision considering that 4GB literally amounts to nothing. Reader, Steve Mashuki had speculated

“I think they changed this way because a lot people are not buying games.”

Well, that is apparently so. And now, if rumors are true, it could also be that Microsoft is looking at extracting more money from gamers through the sale of hardware. A photo of an upcoming 4GB Xbox 360 posted on a gaming website  points out the possibility for users to separately purchase a 250GB hard drive that can be connected to the 4GB console for additional space. I should point out that this is a rumor at this point and has to be taken with a grain of salt. But then, we all realize that 4GB for a graphics-rich gaming console is meaningless without the ability to store more games and so such an option had to eventually be brought in, right?

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