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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Launches Today

The highly anticipated Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system is expected to be finally unveiled in a short while from now. The announcement is expected to be made at around 9.30 AM Eastern Time as part of the company’s media event at New York City.

If you are wondering if the event this will also include the launch of Windows Phone 7 based handsets, then the answer is no. The Windows Phone 7 based handsets are expected to be announced in Europe on October 21 and in the USA on the 8th of next month. There is not much word on when these devices will be made available in the rest of the world. But knowing that this is Microsoft and not Apple that we are talking about, expect these launches to happen much sooner.

Microsoft’s media event shall be streamed live on the Microsoft website. If you are eager to catch up on the announcement, you can click here to watch it starting 6.30 AM Pacific Time.

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