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Microsoft TV Recommendation Engine

Microsoft TV is a small segment of the Redmond based company that develops software products for the television industry. This includes UltimateTV, a DirecTV receiver and IPTV edition.

In a recent patent filed at the USPTO, Microsoft has sought to bolster its product offerings with an interesting recommendation engine. Inspired by the recommendation algorithm incorporated on websites like YouTube, Microsoft TV’s recommendation engine will recommend TV shows, movies based on user interests as well as the program’s functional value.

Microsoft notes,

“Viewers have an ever-increasing selection of media content to choose from, such as television programming, movies, videos, and music that is available for selection and viewing. Given the large volume of the various types of media content to choose from, viewers may want recommendations for movies and television programs provided to them that not only may be of interest, but recommendations that are useful.”

The algorithm is pretty similar to how it works online. The system records the TV shows the user watches and clubs it along with other users watching the same TV show. By clustering groups of people based on their viewing interests, the system will be able to recommend new TV shows or movies that you may have not watched.

TV Movies Recommendation Engine

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