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Microsoft To Sell Office for Mac on Mac App Store

The App store which was only available to iPhone, ipod and iPad users for a long time was opened for Mac users on the 6th of January, 2011. The Mac App store is already a huge hit and among the users of Mac which include Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The App store is a free to use store for all registered users where the user can find products for his/her Apple products. These products can be Apple’s own or various third party ones.

Now, it is rumored that even Microsoft is also targeting the MAc App Store to sell Office for Mac. This move by Microsoft comes after many third party developers have expressed their happiness about selling more products in three weeks than they did in entire 2010. Also, most Mac users are known to be buying products hosted on the App Store only. Many developers are still waiting for Apple’s approval to host their products on the store.

Better hurry MS.

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