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Microsoft Kinect "Update Failed" Error For Early Adopters

Microsoft Kinect does not launch until November 4 in the United States. But a select few customers who have already received their goods ahead of the launch day are complaining that they are noticing an error while updating the software. Users connecting the new Kinect to their XBox are prompted with a message that says that an update is required. Apparently, the update file being pushed is not the latest version and misses key components thereby temporarily making access to XBox Live unavailable.

In a statement acknowledging the issue, Microsoft has noted,

“Due to a retailer error, a very small number of customers were shipped copies of a Kinect game ahead of launch. Since Kinect does not launch until Nov. 4 in the United States, customers who insert the game into their console before then will be temporarily unable to access Xbox LIVE. The retailer is contacting affected individuals directly to warn them of this situation.”

[via Joystiq]

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hello there i dont know if anyone else has had this problem but my xbox live keeps saying that there is an update to do or it wont let me use xbox live at all if i dont do the update now it comes up with an error everytime i try to do it and ive tried loads of times over the past couple of days incase it was a internet glitch but i dont have any problems with my laptop or pc the error code is 23EF-3143-1380-0811-C000-0185 i cant get any information about it please help its driving me mental….lewis

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