Microsoft Kinect – Formerly Known As Project Natal

Microsoft has finally unveiled Project Natal. At the E3 kick-off party yesterday, the company unveiled the official name of the much touted “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” from Microsoft – Kinect.

Wait, does that sound familiar? Yes, it does. GoRumors had written about the Kinect in early May when Microsoft had applied for a trademark on the name. Back then, it was the season of the Kin phones which made me speculate if it was a series of Kin peripherals that would enable users to “connect” to other devices. Too bad, I didn’t think of Project Natal then.

So is Kinect all that we had speculated earlier? Well, Microsoft has demoed several features of their new project – games like Star Wars and Tiger Petting, a video chat application, photo sharing to mention a few. No information on price or launch date is known.

Update : Microsoft Kinect to launch in November

[via Engadget]