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Microsoft Kinect Facial Recognition Problem For Dark-Skinned Users

Does Microsoft Kinect have a problem in identifying dark skinned users? A few reviews from early adopters show that Kinect – the new webcam based motion controller for XBox 360 – may not be correctly identifying the facial patterns on dark skinned users.

At the outset, this does not seem to be a major issue. If you are a dark skinned user (possibly includes blacks, hispanics and Asians – non-Caucasian, basically), then the only area where you may hit trouble is in getting Kinect to automatically sign you in. Instead the user may have to manually login. The motion controls during gaming do not seem to be affected.┬áNevertheless, it is likely that Microsoft may issue a software update to the Xbox system to rectify this issue (For other recent updates on the Kinect front, click here).

Have you purchased Kinect motion controller? Do let us know if you see the issue on your gaming system.

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Other web indicate this rumour is complete rubbish.

Problems may occur for anyone if the lighting conditions are por.

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