Microsoft Games For Windows Marketplace Launches November 15

Come November 15, Microsoft will be launching a Games marketplace for Windows users to browse and download gaming applications to their computers. The marketplace is expected to offer a good line-up of PC games that will offer desktop gamers a great place to browse and download games from.

The Games for Windows Marketplace is expected to only hold close to a 100 games at launch, but expect the numbers to grow rapidly as the exposure and target market that developers can gain through such a marketplace can be overwhelming. Microsoft is also expected to come up with features like ‘Deal of the Week‘ and ‘Featured games‘,etc.

To buy a game, users will need to sign in using a Windows Live ID, Zune tag or Xbox Live gamertag. The payment can be made either using a credit card or Microsoft Points. Here is a partial list of the games that will be available on the Games for Windows marketplace at launch.

– “Fable: The Lost Chapters”
– “Grand Theft Auto III”
– “Lego Universe”
– “CarneyVale”
– “Dead Rising 2?
– “Lost Planet 2?
– “Max Payne”
– “Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition”
– “Flight Simulator”
– “Gears of War”
– “Halo”
– “Zoo Tycoon”
– “Fable III”
– “Age of Empires Online”
– “Microsoft Flight”