How To Use MicroSIM On Non-Compatible Phones?

So you went ahead and purchased a brand new iPhone 4 and then realized that you also need another device to make calls. Of course, you can always transfer your SIM to another phone when you have to make that all-important call. But it is tricky. The Apple iPhone 4 uses microSIM which is not compatible on most of the other mobile phones in the market.

Thanks to the accessory manufacturers, we now have a microSIM adapter. What this product actually does is it lets you fit your tiny microSIM into the slot so that you may use this larger mini-SIM sized adapter on any of the other mobile phones.

microSIM adapter for iPhone

The MicroSIM adapter for iPhone users is now available at the MicroSIM shop at a price of $7.50. Go grab it if you need to make that call.

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