Video Calling For Android May Be Launching Soon

Apple has been tooting its FaceTime video calling feature since it was launched on the new iOS 4 earlier this year. Now, a similar video calling feature for Android phones could be coming soon. Google has been sending out invites to several media outlets inviting them to a media event scheduled for August 12 when the company is speculated to “unveil a couple of cool new mobile features“.

Now there is absolutely no information about what these new mobile features are. But speculations are rife that at least one of the two new features could be a native video calling functionality. Besides this, another feature that is highly speculated to be announced is something similar to ‘Find my iPhone‘ functionality available along with the Apple MobileMe subscription.

Both these features could pick up much more traction on Android than they may on iPhone. This is primarily because a video calling feature needs proper proliferation to really become popular. With Apple, the feature was made available only to iPhone 4 users which meant that many users were left without a friend or family member to try out the service with. Also, the ‘Find my iPhone‘ is a pretty useful utility though it is available only to MobileMe subscribers which costs money. By offering this for free, Google might hope to make Android phones much more useful to its users.

Nevertheless, let’s stop speculating. The announcement is just around the corner.

As you would be aware MobileMe costs money