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Magsafe Adapter Not Charging Older Macbook Pro? Firmware Update Fixes Issue

An issue that had been affecting several users of older Macbook and Macbook Pro computers has apparently been fixed. Apple has released a new Macbook SMC firmware update 1.4 for select 2007-2008 models of Macbook and Macbook Pro models that reportedly failed to get charged from the new line of MagSafe adapters. These new adapter lines were launched in April this year along with the launch of the new Macbook and Macbook Pro computer series and has seen widespread reports of malfunction from users of older Macbook computers.

This is not the first time MagSafe power adapters are being blamed for quality issues. Back in 2007, Apple was forced to halt the shipments of MagSafe power adapters under strong accusations that these adapters failed to adhere to quality standards. Apple may have avoided the same this time, and the release of this new firmware update shall help Apple to fix the issue for the affected users.

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