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Cheaper Sony PS3 To Cost $200

Rumors are doing the rounds that Sony may announce a new low-cost version of the Sony Playstation 3 that may come at a $200 price tag. According to reports on the PSXExtreme, the company’s official portal for 3D promotion – Sony Style has posted details about a new Playstation 3 that is touted to be “starting at” $199.99.

Sony Playstation3

So, there are two options here – Sony may try to trigger some spike in their sale numbers with a limited time discount offer. This is pretty likely considering the slow sales that Sony has been facing with their game console units. Alternately, Sony may be planning a launch of a low-cost PS3 unit to penetrate the market even better.

The latter option is not entirely unlikely. Microsoft has already tried this to much success with their XBox 360. That remains a speculation however and we have to wait until E3 gets underway to know what Sony has on offer.

[via PSXExtreme]

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