Logitech Revue With Google TV Production Normal

There were rumors last week that suggested that Logitech had suspended the production of new Revue set top boxes with Google TV in order to let Mountain View sort out its issue with content partners. Several variants of the rumor spread across the blogosphere with some mentioning that Google had in fact approached Logitech to suspend production.

Now, Ashish Arora, VP and General Manager of Digital Home Group at Logitech has come up with a statement to assure customers that these rumors are false and that production of new Revue units is happening without any issue. He has said,

“Those familiar with our product know that we don’t need to modify the Logitech Revue box to deliver software enhancements. Each of our customers will receive periodic over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release changes to the Google TV platform. Logitech Revue boxes purchased at launch in October, as a holiday gift in December or to follow basketball in the spring, will all be the same and will all benefit from the same software updates.”

Logitech is expected to be present at the Consumer Electronics Show early next month to tell customers more about the future of their partnership with Google.

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