Logitech Revue Remote App For Android Releases

As you may have already heard by now, the new Logitech Revue with Google TV support was launched at Best Buy just this week. Now the device already ships with its own physical keyboard remote. Besides, the Logitech Revue is compatible with all of Logitech’s universal remotes released until now. But if you are looking for a more convenient option, you should probably checkout the company’s Remote control app for the Android platform. The app comes with a complete list of options that will let you navigate channels, adjust volume, record content, bring on a virtual keyboard for search, etc. The application is free to download and is so a must-have if you have already purchased the new Logitech Revue.

Logitech Harmony

You can download the Logitech Revue Harmony app by using the QR code below. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, do note that an iOS app is in the works and shall release soon.

Logitech Harmony Android app