Listen To Radio, Browse Internet On Apple TV With New Hack

The new Apple TV has a nice $99 pricing point that has made it quite affordable. But with the absence of the ability to surf internet, the use cases for the Apple TV may not be as comprehensive as it is for Google’s rival offering. That could change though if you have a jailbroken Apple TV. Folks at FireCore have released a new hack that can enable users to browse the web as well as listen to radio from from the set-top box device.

The hack, called aTV Flash (black) is equipped with a web browser called Couch Surfer that the users can launch to surf the web as well as stream radio. Couch Surfer is pretty basic at the moment though the browser application is expected to come with a few plugins down the line.

The only deal breaker could be the price. aTV Flash is retailing for $50 and given that the Apple TV itself is only $99, this could not be helping people with their purchasing decision at all. But if you are desperate to get hold of browsing experience on your TV, go for it by all means. Just let us know how it works in the comments.