LG Wants Sony PS3 To Be Banned in US

Can we imagine America without PS3? Scary, is it not? Apparently LG, the third largest manufacturer of televisions in the world have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese giant Sony for having infringed patents of LG. LG is alleging Sony of infringing four patents of theirs as far which include the televisions. Along with the patent infringement of televisions, LG has also alleged the Blu-ray players of Sony which includes the Playstation 3 as well to have infringed patents of LG.

All this started in December when Sony alleged LG of infringing seven patents on their mobile technologies. The case was brought to the notice of the International Trade Commission, which has the power to prevent the import of products that have violated US patents.

If LG were to win the lawsuit, Sony would either have to pay huge royalty amounts to LG or stop the sale of PS3 in the US. World without PS3, sounds definitely boring.