LG Solar-Powered eReader Features Announced

South Korean tech giant, LG, has just announced a new solar-powered ebook reader that could help you make that small contribution to the environment by going green. The new solar-powered LG eReader is expected to come built with a 6-inches display screen that is powered by a tiny solar panel that measures 10 square centimeters in area. The device is pretty light-weighted and measures just over 20 grams, thanks to the extremely thin profile of just 0.7 millimeters.

According to a statement from LG, the solar eReader currently offers a 9.6% energy conversion efficiency though that number must rise considerably to 14% or 15% by the time the device is launched. That would effectively mean that a 4 or 5 hour of solar exposure should be sufficient to keep your eReader powered on for a complete day.
LG Solar Powered eReader
Sadly, no price of the device is available right now. That’s understandable though considering that the new solar powered LG eReader is not expected to launch commercially before 2012. I’m excited to get hold of one of these units though.

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