LG Working On Phone With Customizable Color Displays

Want to carry a phone that matches the color of your shirt? LG has a solution for that. In what is termed as an attempt to offer “visual amusement” to the user, the company has filed a patent application for a color detection sensor that will offer an easy way for users to customize the color of the backlight, icons by simply pointing their camera at objects.

The inventors write,

“a color of an object disposed adjacent to the mobile terminal 100, for example, a color of a cloth of a shirt 10 (i.e., “color 1”), may be determined (or sensed) by a color detection sensor 141 of the mobile terminal 100. The color detection sensor 141 may scan light having a specific wavelength over an object (e.g., the cloth of the shirt 10) and then measure a wavelength of the light reflected from the object to sense a color of the cloth of the shirt 10 (e.g., “color 1″).”
LG Color detection sensor patent

Explaining how the color detected can be used, they write,

“According to one embodiment, the color (“color 1”) stored in the memory 160 may be loaded (or entered) by the user, and the loaded color (“color 1″) may be applied to the visual information 151a, 151b, 151c, 151d, 151e, 151f, 151g, 151h in a manner similar to that previously described.”

LG Color detection sensor patent

Extending the concept further, the inventors write that the users may choose to incorporate several colors for each of the various visual displays on the phone, may blend colors to form new colors, may set different visual appearances for day-time and night-time,etc.

Also, the concept is explained to be integrated with proximity detection sensors which means different colors may be displayed depending on the phone’s proximity with the user

LG Color detection sensor patent

Read through the interesting patent application here and let us know your views.