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Lenovo eBox – Microsoft Kinect Clone Launching In November

The game console market has pretty much remained consolidated with just three major players. Now, there is a new entrant as we hear that Lenovo has formed a new company called Beijing Eedoo Technology that will build game consoles.

According to reports on the China Daily, Beijing Eedoo Technology president Jack Luo has indicated that his company is working on a new game console named eBox that will be based on a webcam technology that will enable users play games without the need for physical game controllers – Something like Microsoft Kinect?.

The Lenovo eBox is expected to launch first in China in November and possibly move global in the months ahead. Pricing of the device is not available as yet, though it is said that the unit could cost higher than Wii but will come with 30 free games to play.

Sounds great – just that the nomenclature and technology takes the sheen off the news and makes the new device sound like yet another Chinese KIRF

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