Customizable Leather Notebook For Blackberry Users

The ShopBlackberry website has introduced a new customizable leather notebook that is without doubt aimed at the business professionals. The notebook comes with a design that is specially suited to let you carry all your tools in an organized manner for work.

Considering that this is a Blackberry accessory, the leather notebook also comes with a leather pouch for users to carry their Blackberry smartphone. This comes equipped with a power saving magnet. The notebook also comes with more pockets to hold your credit cards, pen and business cards.
Blackberry leather notebook
The leather notebook is refillable with notepads of under 26×19.50 cm dimension. The accessory does not come cheap though. Vaja customizable leather notebook for Blackberry users is currently priced at $220. But you may customize it with the colors you need and that’s exactly why it’s priced so high. You can check out more details about the Blackberry leather notebook here.

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