Kyocera Echo Android Phone on Sprint

Sprint Nextel would be launching the Japanese product Kyocera Echo which is going to be the first dual screen smartphone. This dual screen phone would run on Google’s open OS Android 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. The dual screens on the phone slide over each other and can be snapped to give it a tablet’s look. The size of the screens also look impressive with each screen almost as big as the screen of the iPhone itself. The dual screens can enable efficient multitasking.

Each screen panel on the Echo measures 3.5 inches when closed with a WVGA resolution. When opened, the screen measures 4.7 inches with a combined resolution of 800×960, thus making the viewing experience high definition. The Kyocera Echo is due this spring and Sprint is going to offer the handset at a price of 200 dollars provided one signs a two year service agreement with the telecommunications company.