Justin.TV Android App For Mobile Video Broadcasting Now Live

Justin.TV, the popular live streaming service has released a new Android app that will let users stream video live from Android phones. The application joins the ranks of other apps like Qik and UStream that have similar services already in place for the Android platform. Justin.TV CEO Michael Seibel has indicated that a similar service for the iPhone will be launched shortly. At present, iPhone users can only watch videos streamed from elsewhere.

The app is free to download and primarily contains three buttons that let you to record, share and chat. Videos can be captured on landscape or portrait mode and the app will take advantage of hardware video encoding so that the battery does not drain too much. Also, the bitrate of the video will be adjusted depending on the quality of wireless network the user is on.

Use the QR code below to download the app and let us know how it works.

Justin.TV Android App