Jetway Mini Top Nettop Price And Features Reviewed

Jetway has announced its latest nettop to the market. The new Mini Top nettop brings with it an extremely thin and small form factor and is packed with a low power Intel Atom D525 processor along with a next-generation ION graphics chip from NVIDIA.

Other features on the new Mini Top from Jetway include output ports for S/PDIF  for relaying 7.1 channel audio, an HDMI video output port, close to 5 USB ports, eSATA port and a DVI jack. The device can also be connected wirelessly thanks to its support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Interestingly, there is also a remote control.

There are a few points to note before you buy though. This nettop device comes without a memory, hard drive or an operating system. Probably, this explains why the device is now available at a pretty affordable price of $270. If you think this is the right device for you, go ahead and check it out on online stores like NewEgg.

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