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Jailbreak Your iPhone/iPad Permanently With New SHAtter Exploit

Getting tired of having to jailbreak your iDevice everytime a new iOS update comes about? A new bootrom exploit has been discovered that will help you keep your device jailbroken for life and will work on the iPhone, iPod Touch as well as the iPad – including the most recent versions. The reason is because this exploit is related to the hardware and hence Apple cannot fix the issue with their software updates.

The jailbreaking application is still not publicly available and the iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team are learned to be still working on using the exploit to develop a jailbreak tool. While this is definitely something to be excited about, do note that this jailbreak is tethered. This would imply, users will have to tether their iPhone or iPad to a computer while rebooting in order to keep the device jailbroken. Otherwise, it’s only the risks with warranty and performance that you have to be aware of, which I am sure, you may have already mulled over.

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