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Jailbreak For Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon?

Jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting an Android handset has been a favorite pastime for nerds and geeks over the past few years. Now with the launch of Windows Phone 7, it was a matter of time before a similar development happened on this front as well.

Folks at XDA Developers forum seem to have started picking the threads that could soon lead to a jailbreak package for Windows Phone 7 handsets. Apparently, one third party app from Samsung used a native code that was deviant from the regular Silverlight-managed code that is used on all WP7 apps and this has given away some interesting characteristics about the framework that could be used to effect a jailbreak.

Now, a software application that you and I can simply run to jailbreak our devices may still be sometime away. But given that the initial breakthrough has already been made, do look forward to a jailbreak announcement very shortly.

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