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iWork '11 Releasing With Mac App Store Launch?

Is Apple prepping for an iWork ’11 release when the Mac App Store launches next month. This speculation comes after a number of Apple customer have reported that Apple Stores appear to be short on inventory of ¬†iWork ’09 of late. It is quite likely that Apple would have pulled the plug on sale of iWork ’09 over its stores ahead of the launch of the new version software.

This speculation is further supported by the fact that Apple’s online store now returns iWork 11 as one of the query suggestions while keying in ‘iWork’. It is possible that this is merely a result of a number of users searching for the software on the Apple website in anticipation of the launch.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting development given that Apple would like to have a few high-profile products available on the Mac App Store during launch in order to enhance the utility of the service.

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