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iTunes TV Show Download Price To Drop To $0.99

You may soon be able to download TV shows on iTunes for as less as $0.99. The Financial Times has reported that Apple is contemplating a discount on TV shows available on iTunes in order to make them more affordable on the iPad.

TV shows on iTunes are currently available at $1.99 for regular downloads and $2.99 for HD versions. While it is not clear if the move will set both versions of TV shows to under $1, sources say this change will be made effective from April of this year.

This is not all. There also seem to be speculations about a subscription based model for TV show downloads. FT reports

“The computer maker has not given up on earlier discussions with some potential partners about creating a ‘best of TV’ subscription service for $30 a month that media companies fear would destroy traditional distribution relationships”

Apple has been inking a lot of deals on the ebook and media front. Now, it is just a matter of the iPad becoming a hit among consumers for Apple to reap the rewards. That, however seems to be the most dreaded question. Are the customers ready for the iPad?

[via Financial Times]

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