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iTunes Subscription Service For Unlimited Music Access Coming?

Apple is reported to be in talks with a number of music labels over procuring rights to offer a monthly subscription service that will let iTunes users pay a monthly subscription service in return for their right to access unlimited music content. It is not going to be one fixed subscription fee. Rather, it’s learned that Apple is discussing a tiered subscription structure – something that will range between $10 and $15 – that will offer subscribers varying degrees of content access. More details are not available at the moment.

We have been hearing a lot about this subscription model in recent weeks. In fact, this was expected to be one major announcement during Apple’s recent media event when the company released the new iTunes 10 application. However, there have been reports that music labels are not interested in taking up such a service for fear of losing revenues. Not that this latest rumor proves any headway since then. But what we now know is that Apple is still pursuing these labels for the new service.

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I am actually thinking of getting rhapsody for just $10 a month with unlimited music and it now works for apple products. So unless apple can work something out I will switch in the near future.

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