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iTunes 10.1.1 Update Crashing – "iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem" Error

As we had reported earlier in the day, Apple has released an update to their  iTunes media organization software that is aimed at fixing a number of bugs in the earlier version. Ironically though, the installation process itself seems to have been affected by another bug.

A number of users have taken to the Apple support forums complaining that installation the new version via a software update seems to be crashing the application. Users have noted that launching iTunes subsequently shows them an error message that reads, “iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem“.

Here is an excerpt of the problem faced by some users

“I had the same problem as all of you mentioned. I let automatic updates install the new version of iTunes 10.1.1 and iTunes would not open afterward.”

“I had this problem on one of my two machines. One of them installed and updated fine from Software Update – I think that on the machine where it worked, I hadn’t run iTunes between turning it on and running Software Update. On the machine where it failed, I had run iTunes.

The crash report indicated that it was looking for a shared library named:
which should be present in /Applications/, but wasn’t there after the update. The shared library (and some others) were present in my Time Machine backup, but restoring the pre-update versions didn’t fix the problem – iTunes would now launch without flying a crash reporter panel immediately, but reports that it’s corrupt and wants to be reinstalled.”

So do we have a fix here? Users note that reinstalling iTunes directly from the website seems to be fixing the issue.

“I installed this via Software Update, and iTunes immediately crashed after launching. The error detail indicated that some dynamic library could not be found.
After a reboot didn’t fix it, I downloaded the standalone installer from here:
Ran it, all’s well now.”

So if you are one who is affected by the issue, try downloading the new iTunes version directly from the Apple website here and let us know how it works in the comments section.

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