Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass Panel Breakable?

Well, Samsung has quite proudly called the Gorilla glass on Galaxy Tab as some tough material. But it will take us more than a media statement to actually start believing it. Now here is some evidence that the Gorilla glass on the Galaxy Tab is really crack-proof.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab user has done something that many of us may never want to – shoot the pretty tablet computer at point blank range with an air pistol. What is wonderful is that the tablet not only stays without a crack after the “experiment“, but also continues to function good enough.

Check out the video of the test below.

You may note that the Galaxy S smartphone too features a gorilla glass and so must be equally crack proof. But we have our doubts about the iPhone 4 that is known to feature a similar glass material. Recent reports had shown that the glass pane on the iPhone 4 was actually susceptible to scratches and cracks when fit with slide-on cases.