Notion Ink Adam Is Not Scam, Chill

Update : There’s an update from Notion Ink. Check it out.

Starting up can be tough. And add to it the pains of an enthusiastic and demanding audience. Critics who criticize for the heck of it, or raise valid objections don’t help either. All said, the pre-ordering system that Notion Ink opened up yesterday for Adam did not go too well considering questions are being raised about the frequent crashes, inordinately high shipping fee/time and the absence of video demos.

Well, Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink has just made a short post on the blog reiterating that he would try to address all the concerns soon. In his post, Shravan writes,

“Bad time to be in flight. Pro-order system crashed several times, though it was not at Notion Ink’s head quarters, but rather than the server side in USA. Being Indian company they predicted more traffic from India and did some optimization which turned out to be complete disaster. On top of it there was an algorithm to smoothen the process of product distribution globally.

I am collecting all the comments and writing back in sometime. Stay tuned. Seems a lot is still there to discuss and talk about. (Especially the Android Police’s new post)”

So, while it is entirely up to you to hold back on your pre-orders till you are convinced enough, at least be assured that the product is no scam. We will update you on more info when revealed.

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