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Is iPhone 4 Unbreakable?

Hate to break it, but it appears that the iPhone 4 actually breaks pretty easily. The new strong glass material on the iPhone 4 was one of the talking points (besides the retina display, that is) of Steve Jobs’ speech during WWDC 2010 keynote address. However, according to folks at the iFixyouri, more than a couple of drops from waist-level should do the trick.

The team attributes the vulnerability to a design flaw in the new iPhone that has the glass in the new iPhone sitting on top of the aluminium frame unlike the earlier model where it was recessed a bit in order to be protected by the Chrome bezel.

While there may be truth in this, we are not sure if the iPhone would actually end up like this

iPhone 4 glass shield

Don’t believe? Wait until June 24 till you get your own piece.

[via iFixyouri]

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