Is Apple Planning iPad 2.5 for Next Fall?

Apple enthusiast and writer John Gruber has mentioned on his website Daring Fireball that Apple may want to release the third generation next fall which would be six months from now. John Gruber opines that the release of HP TouchPad this summer is going to prompt Apple to bring the iPad 2 out this March and put the the release of the third generation tablet beside their own new iPod next generations which are also due this September.

Gruber predicts that the third generation iPad which would apparently come out this September would run on iOS 5.1, the same iOS version that the next generation iPod touch would be running on. Gruber also predicts that instead of calling the third generation tablet as iPad 3, it would called iPad 2.5 or iPad 2 HD or iPad 2 Pro.

Is Apple rushing a bit here?