Is Apple Making A Universal iPhone?

An analyst who has dissected the new iphone 4 from Verizon has suggested that the components found in the phone suggest that Apple can make a universal phone which can be used to run on any network. In order to make the iPhone available on Verizon, Apple has actually used a different cell chip along with an alteration in the hardware of the phone by the manufacturing company. This was revealed by Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve Coo at a recent event.

As of now, the iPhone can only work on Verizon Wireless, but the Qualcomm chips used in the phone suggest that the phone can be used on any other cellular network like the AT&T, T-Mobile et. Also, the Qualcomm component in the iPhone is similar to Verizon’s Droid Pro which is used by traveller’s allowing them to change sim cards based on the country they are in.

May be iPhone 5 is going to be the universal model.