New iPod Nano Controls To Offer Tap-Based Navigation

The latest generation iPod nano comes with a refreshing new form factor that is without any physical controls. While that does make the device look more slick, one major issue that regular iPod users face is the new need to look up at the device while using the controls. This is unlike the earlier devices where the user could use the controls without having to look at the device; thanks to the tactile physical buttons.

That could change with the next generation model – or perhaps even via a software update. Apple is reported to have filed a patent application that will bring a tap-based navigation system to iPod nano that will let users perform regular functions like Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind,etc. with just repetitive taps.

iPod nano multitouchWhile the patent does not explicitly mention the use of these controls for iPod nano, the rendition of a use-case does use a current generation iPod nano without the physical volume buttons.