iPhones Easily Vulnerable To Hacks

The iPhone that we are using can be cracked and all the passwords and data on the phone can be stolen. All this can happen in less than six minutes time. Wondering how? Two researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute Secure Information Technology, Germany have been able to achieve this feat. These two researchers used a jailbreak on the iPhone and installed an SSH server (a secure shell or a network protocol used for network exchange) after which they ran a script to access the keychain and in under six minutes passwords along with their screen names popped up on their home screen.

Along with the phone’s security, the script used by the researchers was also able to break into one’s Gmail, MS Exchange and the VPN as well and recovered the usernames and passwords asociated with these programs too.

The researchers have suggested to change passwords immediately in case you have to lose the phone. Beware folks.